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Yeah, we know! Rules sometimes suck but we all know that they are important for a fair race!

You must be at the start on time to start the event, if you are late you are DNS.

There is a start area that will be marked and you must be standing inside it when the lap starts, if you are you will be DNF. There will be a whistle blown at 3, 2 and 1 minute before the start of your wave so no excuses for not being there on time.

You must complete each loop before the clock reaches the next hour, for example 9:59:59 is ok 10:00:00 is DNF

You can not visit your tent or be assissted in any way after you start a loop or you will be DQ'd

Only loops completed within the time limit count for distance or time.

The decision of the Race Director is final.

GEtting stuff from you rtent, having a wee or eating are all out of your time and the event continues no matter what. If you are not at the start on time you are out.

Simple rules simple race!